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So that we can share our enthusiasm for all things to do with astronomy, cosmology and space we have set up Facebook and Twitter portals. We may add more social media portals later (such as g+).

Facebook logo


We are currently changing the way you reach us on Facebook. Our Facebook group (which is here) will be closed at the end of August as Facebook migrates away from groups. Our new Facebook page is here. Click on 'like' to see our updates, and if you hover over the 'like' button you can choose 'see first' to make sure that you don't miss anything.

From the end of August onwards we'll be sharing pictures, activities, and news etc., posting links to our events, and answering any questions via our Facebook page. Also in the future we hope to host polls and discussions on there, so feel free to join in! 

If you're currently a member of our Facebook group, don't forget to 'like' our new page instead!


twitter logo


Please tweet a chorus to the cosmic skies and us through:

Please share with us your short notes, news, comments and suggestions with regards to Astronomy, Space, Cosmology and SCASTRO.

Twitter will be used for up to the minute news flashes, reminders, share info about what is happening in the skies on a given day, and general brief chats with the astro community.



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